Instant Accelerated Orthodontics - Cincinnati, Fairfield, West Chester


"When do my braces come off???"

 The Wilckodontics TM (or AOO TM) accelerated orthodontic procedure, allows most patients to finish their treatment in 3-8 months. It's like instant orthodontics…WITHOUT COMPROMISE!  With the AOO TM procedure most orthodontic cases can be completed 3 to 4 times faster than would be possible with conventional orthodontics. This is accomplished by combining Dr. Diers’ modern accelerated orthodontic mechanics and a qualified Periodontist’s professional technique. The end result is straight teeth, a healthy bite, and structurally sound bone structure.

 For more information regarding the instant orthodontic procedure, or to see if you are a candidate, please call one of our three offices located in Cincinnati, Fairfield and West Chester. Or visit the Wilckodontics website by clicking the logo below.


Dr. Diers' patient - treated with WilckodonticsTM procedure

Total Treatment time - 8 months!

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