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Fast braces by this Cincinnati OH DentistWhen looking to correct your bite, there are several options beyond the traditional system. The FastBraces® treatment is a customized bracket and wire system that is designed with speed in mind. Dr. Nelson R. Diers, along with the entire team at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics want to see you smile. Dr. Nelson R. Diers will examine your needs, and make recommendations that can give you the results you want in less time than standard braces.

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How does FastBraces® work?

The difference is in the design. With traditional braces, the brackets used are square in shape, using a singular pulling point, only allowing for the movement of the crown of the tooth in the first year. Next, the focus is on the movement of the root, taking an additional year until it is finally in position. The standard braces treatment takes two years.

FastBraces® is faster. We use a triangular shaped bracket that pulls both the tooth and the root at the same time, reducing the time for braces significantly. By moving the root of the teeth right from the beginning, treatment is done in months, instead of years. The average period for FastBraces® is around 20 weeks or five months.

Since you are moving my teeth faster, will it hurt?

Surprisingly, there have been fewer complaints of pressure or pain associated with moving teeth using the FastBraces® system versus traditional braces. Now, that doesn’t mean that this system is pain-free, as, with any orthodontic treatment, moving teeth can be uncomfortable at times, but this system will feel equivalent if not less uncomfortable than traditional braces. Our patients have reported minimal sensitivity, and less discomfort for patients who have a comparison.

Will my bite problems qualify me for FastBraces®?

We have found that most patients, about 80%, will qualify for the FastBraces® treatment program. The patients who will not qualify will be due to the patient having teeth that are impacted or stuck in the bone, for patients who suffer from TMJ disorder, and patients who require very specialized treatment including extreme underbites. Dr. Nelson R. Diers will examine your bite, and help you determine if this treatment is best for your situation. Together, we will discuss your options, and based on the information gathered, create a treatment plan that is right for you.

My orthodontist told me that moving my teeth too fast can damage them

In the past, dentists and orthodontists attempted moving teeth faster by tightening the braces very tight. This was not a successful move. Patients were in a great deal of pain, and some patients even experienced root sorption, which is damaging to the root and tooth. This is not the same thing as what we are accomplishing with the FastBraces® system. This is entirely different from the original bracket and wire system. We are not just pulling, but torquing the tooth with a specialized wire and a differently shaped bracket. This new, patented technology, was created to move your teeth differently, allowing Dr. Nelson R. Diers to move the teeth safely, and more affordable. With less time in the dental chair, and less time wearing the braces, you save.

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