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Accelerated Orthodontics
West Chester and Fairfield, OH

A woman smiling in the dental chair at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics, in Fairfield, OH. While keeping your teeth in good condition is an important aspect of living a healthy life, it should be noted that sometimes the process can be a complicated and rather confusing one. Far more than simply brushing and flossing your teeth, good oral health might mean that you have to undergo various procedures in an attempt to ensure that your teeth are properly aligned. In order to achieve this particular goal, there are a few different treatment options available depending upon your exact issue. One of the most popular options is known as periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics. This option helps correct issues more quickly and effectively than other treatment approaches.

What is periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO)?

One of the most popular techniques in our office, PAOO is a kind of orthodontic treatment that focuses on correcting bite issues as well as jaw misalignment problems. Whereas more traditional orthodontics methods can take anywhere from one to three years to complete, PAOO is an option that can be completed in as few as three months. The exact time frame depends upon the specific patient in question and how their teeth and jaws respond to treatment, of course, but PAOO has been shown to dramatically reduce treatment time in a predictable manner.

PAOO begins with a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and the issues that they would like to see fixed. The next step is usually a surgical procedure that is performed in the office by an experienced dentist or oral surgeon. The surgery will precisely and carefully place the gums and bones in question in order to best facilitate healing and overall orthodontic movement.

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Does PAOO hurt?

It is worth noting that many patients do not find this procedure particularly difficult to overcome. In fact, some people say that the discomfort and healing time is far less than it is with wisdom teeth removal. This is an interesting and important metric to keep in mind, particularly if you are considering having PAOO done, but are holding off due to worry about the discomfort you might feel after the procedure. You should experience minimal swelling and pain, which means that you can focus on moving on with your life instead of worrying about recovering from oral surgery.

Is PAOO effective?

One common question that we hear regards whether or not PAOO is an effective form of treatment. The answer is, undoubtedly, yes! With PAOO, even major jaw surgery can sometimes be avoided completely. The procedure also works with adults as well as adolescents, which means that even if you think you are “too old” for braces, PAOO can help you quickly and discretely. Additionally, PAOO offers permanent and stable results. You won’t have to worry about your teeth reverting back to their original positions, especially not if you take proper care of them.

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While keeping your teeth in good condition is an important aspect of living a healthy life, it should be noted that sometimes the process can be a complicated and rather confusing one.
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