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Braces and Dental Hygiene

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Many times, getting braces can induce a great deal of anxiety. They take a bit of time to get used to. Most people are not used to having things sticking to their teeth all day. They can be uncomfortable, the brackets and wires poking the soft inside of the cheek could cause pain. Food can easily get stuck in the braces too and lead to embarrassment. While getting used to your braces, we can offer some tips regarding techniques and everyday items that can alleviate some of those situations. Also, we can detail the ways to help with anxiety to those patients with braces. As always, if patients have questions or concerns, we did not address, by all means, contact our office at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics to get the details.

Helpful Tips

The electric toothbrush is a patient’s best option to properly brush while wearing braces. They are greatly beneficial for overall oral health. While wearing braces, brushing needs to occur at an odd angle in order to bypass the metal wire which makes it difficult to maintain the proper pressure. Using electric toothbrushes is not a problem. It is an incredibly efficient way to brush the teeth and gums while wearing braces.

Using an orthopick flosser is another way oral hygiene can be maintained while wearing braces. Most patients probably think it is impossible to floss with traditional braces, but they would be wrong. The orthopick flossers are designed specifically to bypass the braces. It can slip neatly between teeth even with the wires to help take care of excess food particles and dangerous bacteria.

Another concern is the general discomfort of wearing braces. If patients are experiencing too much discomfort or even significant pain, they will likely avoid flossing. Patients should consider a gum soft pick which is very soft but can still get between the teeth.

A wisp is a perfect solution when worried about having leftover food hanging in a patient’s braces. It is a single-use toothbrush which is smaller than a normal one. It has a small amount of breath freshener applied to the bristles and can be easily concealed while at work or school.

Fluoride is a big reason for good oral health. It is especially so for those patients wearing braces. Instead of simply rinsing with water, patients can rinse with fluoride-treated mouthwash. It is another way to help protect against tooth decay.

Wax might seem like an odd item to mention when talking about ways to help patients with braces and their dental hygiene, but it is a great tool. For any patient with aching teeth or sore gums, wax can be applied to the irritated areas for relief. It can also be used across the brackets in the place of a mouthguard or for those patients who play musical instruments. Put onto the sections with sharp edges it will no longer agitate the soft tissues of the mouth.

Those patients who have a lot of questions about braces, whether they are scheduled to have them placed or they are worried about starting orthodontic care, can reach us at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics. Check out our Invisalign vs braces info then call our number (513) 829-4400 to get your appointment on the books.

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Braces and Dental Hygiene - Nelson R. Diers, DDS - West Chester
Many times, getting braces can induce a great deal of anxiety. They take a bit of time to get used to. Reach out to Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics for info!
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