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Emergency Orthodontic Care
Fairfield & West Chester, OH

Emergency Orthodontic Care at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics, in Fairfield, OH. Most issues that involve braces or some other orthodontic device will not be so serious that they qualify as an emergency. At Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics, we care about your health and want you to call us immediately if you experience an injury involving your braces or orthodontic appliance. Below you will find descriptions of issues that you could experience during orthodontic treatment.

Traumatic Injury

If you experience trauma to the head, neck, jaw or mouth and feel that emergency care is needed, call 911. If a true emergency call is not warranted but you are concerned about trauma to the head, neck, jaw or mouth please call Dr. Diers at (513) 829-4400 immediately.

Soreness Caused by Braces

It's completely normal to experience soreness and irritation for up to a week after the braces have been placed and after each adjustment. Soreness is not an emergency, but we understand that it can be uncomfortable. We recommend a low dosage of painkillers like Ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help relieve discomfort. Being mindful of the foods you are choosing during times of sensitivity can help to reduce discomfort as well. See our Food List here for suggestions on what to avoid and good ideas for softer foods to eat!

What to Do If Your Braces Break

Braces are made to withstand the intense forces of chewing food, but now and then you might experience some part of your braces coming lose whether it be the brackets, wires or lingual arches. Usually, this is not an emergency as most issues can be easily fixed with a trip to our office or even at home with some instruction from Dr. Diers or a Clinical Assistant. Here are some common issues that can arise with braces.

What to Do If a Bracket Comes Loose

Brackets are the part of the braces that are affixed directly to your teeth, which provide an anchor for the rest of the braces. We affix brackets with very strong dental adhesive, and normally they have no issues staying on your teeth for the full duration of your treatment. If you eat very sticky or hard foods however, brackets can come loose. They can also loosen if you take a blow to the face, or chew on nails, pencils or ice. Remember to always wear a mouth guard if you participate in sporting events. Dr. Diers recommends the Shock Doctor. If a bracket comes loose, it usually does not cause pain but it will need to be addressed with a repair visit in our office. Call us at (513) 829-4400 if you notice a loose bracket during treatment to schedule an appointment.

What to Do If a Wire Comes Loose

The wires are held in place by the brackets and rarely come loose. If a wire does come loose, it can cause irritation or pain when it rubs against or pokes your gums. To deal with loose wires, use a Q-tip or pencil eraser to bend the wire into a position where it won't cause discomfort or place dental wax over the area and call our office. Dental wax is provided by our office at your initial bracket placement but can also readily be found in the dental isle at your local grocery store or pharmacy. When you have braces, it's always a good idea to keep a container of braces relief wax handy for situations just like this.

What to Do If a Lingual Arch Pinches or Falls Out

Lingual Arches are the wires located at the roof of the mouth and underneath
the tongue. While teeth move during treatment, a lingual arch can become too close to the tissue and cause discomfort. If you are experiencing pain from your lingual arch, we ask that you contact our office immediately at (513) 829-4400.

It is also uncommon but possible for a lingual arch to fall out during treatment. If a lingual arch falls out, this is not an emergency but please call our office during regular business hours. Plan to bring your lingual arch to your next visit.

Are you interested in learning more about emergency orthodontic care? Give us a call at (513) 829-4400. We are happy to help you learn more about your smile!
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Most issues that involve braces or some other orthodontic device will not be so serious that they qualify as an emergency. At Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics, we care about your health.
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