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Due to the order signed by the Ohio state Department of Health, beginning at midnight on March 24th, 2020, our office will be closed except for emergencies until at least May 1st, 2020.

If we need to inform our patients of further closures mandated by State or Federal Governments, we will update here and via email. Patients may still call to be seen for emergencies but there are going to be guidelines in place for how patient is seen to limit exposure to patient and office staff. Please call 513-777-9040 for emergencies and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this ever evolving matter.

From the entire office, please follow the state order and be safe out there. We are all part of the solution in this matter.

Dr. Nelson R. Diers and Staff

Orthodontic Care

A happy mouth with braces in Cincinatti, OHOur team at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics understands the importance of correcting bite issues with the wearing of orthodontic devices such as traditional brackets and wire braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign. We not only encourage bite corrections but have taken the additional step of providing our patients with both family dental care, along with orthodontic care. Combining these efforts will both keep your teeth healthy and clean which undergoing treatment.

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At Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics, Dr. Nelson R. Diers not only can place your braces or clear aligners, but we will also help you maintain your teeth while wearing them. We want our patients to continue having pristine cleanliness, which is much harder to do with brackets and wires. Braces make it harder to brush and harder to floss. We combine dental cleanings with your orthodontic appointments.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces, including brackets and wires, are the recommended orthodontic treatment for our teenage patients. This is due to having the ability for greater movement to alter the bite or to assist in bringing teeth that have not erupted. Traditional braces allow us more control over their orthodontic treatment. Braces have been found to be more effective for complex cases including general malocclusion, which is the misalignment of the teeth, including how the upper and lower jaw fit together. Braces are effective to treat:

•  Overcrowding:Teeth that are overcrowded are difficult to clean, leading to decay.
•  Misplaced Midline:The center line of your top arch does not match the center line of the bottom arch.
•  Crossbite:When the top and bottom arch of your teeth do not come together, the bottom arch is to one side.
•  Overjets:Also known as bucktoothed, an overjet is when the upper jaw protrudes too far over the bottom jaw.
•  Gaps:Open spaces between your teeth leave room for your teeth to shift on their own, leading to possible bite issues.
•  Openbites:this is when the back of your jaws come together to close, but the front of your mouth has a gap between the upper and lower jaw.
•  Underbite:is when the lower jaw protrudes over the upper jaw.
•  Overbite:Is the excessive covering of your bottom arch with your top arch.


Invisalign are customized clear plastic aligners used to move your teeth. We customize a series of plastic aligners, which the patient will wear, changing to the next aligner in the series approximately every two weeks. This system is ideal for our adult patients who are looking to make simple alterations to the alignment of their teeth. Invisalign allows our patients to make adjustments discreetly and without the look and feel of braces. Invisalign is ideally used to move front teeth and is not generally used to make changes to back molar teeth. Following a dental examination, including reviewing digital x-rays, we can help design a treatment plan that is right for you.

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Our Mission

To constantly improve the orthodontic experience with superior innovative service.

To positively affect our patients lives with an honest, trusting, and considerate orthodontic team.

To grow together in mind, heart, and spirit with superior management, emphasizing communication, encouragement, kindness, and patience.

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