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Orthodontic Treatments
Cincinnati & West Chester, OH

Girl with traditional braces as part of orthodontic services at at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics in Fairfield, OH.We all want to look our best, and many orthodontic treatments can help individuals reach that important goal. Even more important is helping our patients achieve a healthy, well-functioning, stable bite.

Catching conditions as early as possible increases the likelihood that the teeth, jaw, and broader oral structure will develop normally. That's one of the reasons we encourage parents to schedule a visit with us by the time their child reaches the age of seven. If you don't intervene too early, don't fear; we also provide orthodontic treatment to teenagers and adults.

Our Orthodontics Services!

Common Orthodontic Problems in Children

Every mouth is different and has its own issues specific to the individual. For children, the most common problems are related to poor tooth alignment. This can be caused by overcrowding; some children's mouths are simply smaller than the teeth they are trying to accommodate.

Protrusion of the upper front teeth, known as "buck teeth," is caused when the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw. This condition has many causes: tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, genetics, and other complications. When the lower front teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth, the condition is known as an underbite.

There are additional bite issues as well as spacing issues that cause gaps and dental shifting. All of these can have broader health effects for children as well as challenges for developing self-esteem and overall confidence.

What Problems Does an Orthodontist Treat?

Before you can truly understand what we orthodontists do, you first need to understand what an orthodontist is. As a specialized area of dentistry, we are the experts that you will go to if you have issues with anything about your jaw and bite issues. We undertake more studies to allow us to diagnose better and treat any issues you may have with your dental and jaw alignment. In short, if you have crooked teeth or any other type of malocclusion, then we are the dental specialist that you can trust.

One thing that is important to remember is that tooth alignment and bite issues are not just cosmetic concerns. Over time, if these problems remain untreated, they can cause more problems for you. You may develop a speech impediment from trying to speak and talk clearly around teeth that are poorly aligned. You may also start to feel pain in your mouth if you are overcompensating for a poor bite. Issues with malocclusion can even lead to further tooth loss. Fixing it quickly is essential for your best quality of life.

We treat quite a few different types of problems, and each treatment regimen is unique to the underlying issue. Dental braces are a common treatment option for patients who have problems with malocclusion. For instance, we can treat an overbite, which means that your top teeth close over your bottom teeth. We can also treat an underbite, which means the opposite; your bottom teeth close over your top teeth, in front of them. An open bite, which means that your mouth does not close all the way, can also be treated with orthodontics. We can also help treat teeth that are crowded, or conversely, a mouth that has sustained tooth loss and has gaps and spaces between their teeth.

Working Together To Keep You Informed

During your appointment with us, we will discuss your treatment options with you to help us determine the best one for you. We may also take X-rays of your mouth to help us better understand your concerns. Your orthodontic treatment will be tailored to help you get the best outcome for your bite or alignment issues.

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