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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics

Experience & Training ... We set the bar high!

Did you know Dr. Diers has been practicing orthodontics for 40 years? Dr. Diers is Board Certified, which represents only a small percentage of orthodontists. Involvement in the certification process is a demonstration of the orthodontist's pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence. He is passionate and prides himself on his COUNTLESS hours of dedication to higher learning.

You can depend on seeing the same faces throughout your treatment. The front desk, clinical & lab staff has been dedicated to Dr. Diers for 10, 15, and even 20+ years. Our staff is experienced & caring with training and certification that goes above and beyond. Dr. Diers has both a Registered Dental Hygienist and EFDA on his clinical staff. Every year Dr. Diers provides training for the staff in adult and child CPR. Our office provides annual OSHA training meetings for the entire staff to review office protocol and updates.


Dr. Diers looks at the entire face, not just the teeth. The teeth and smile are harmonized with the proper facial balance, resulting in more than straight teeth, but a WOW smile…a smile with PRESENCE!

We treat the jaw joint and the bite, so that your result is not only beautiful, but functional and healthy. Dr. Diers is a TMJ specialist. The jaw joint is examined at the initial visit for potential dysfunction. This is a holistic approach that goes well beyond just "straightening teeth".

Dr. Diers is trained in sleep apnea and sleep disturbances. Additionally, Dr. Diers offers dental devices which aid in opening the airway. These appliances increase the level of oxygen intake, which allows a better night's sleep. Patients report an overall feeling of wellness and increased energy throughout the day.

Dr. Diers is the only orthodontist in the area who performs WilckodonticsTM, or AOOTM. This is an optional procedure that allows patients to reduce their treatment time by many months. It is also referred to as accelerated orthodontics, as patients can complete treatment without compromise in 3–8 months.


Dr. Diers utilizes an i-CAT 3D imaging machine. This machine takes a 9 second scan that allows for optimal diagnosis above and beyond the traditional 2 dimensional x-ray. One scan produces all necessary x-rays including tomograms for TMJ patients and a 3D view of the patients airway. This machine is the most sophisticated & accurate diagnosing tool an orthodontist can use. Read more about i-Cat.

iCAT at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics

Our office offers the Damon Braces System which is the best on the market for patient comfort and treatment time. The Damon braces system allows our patients to have checks and adjustments every 8–10 weeks, as opposed to less sophisticated systems, which require visits every month. In addition, Dr. Diers offers the clear alternative to the metal braces. These ceramic braces or clear braces are the perfect choice for many of our patients. Invisalign® is also available for those patients seeking the nearly invisible option to straighten their teeth. Read more about the Damon Braces System.

Damon System at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics

Other perks

We offer three office locations for your convenience located in Fairfield, Cincinnati and West Chester. One office may be close to your home, and another may be closer to your office! Patients are welcome to go to any office, at anytime throughout their treatment. Dr. Diers is a trusted Fairfield, Cincinnati, Colerain and West Chester (Liberty Township) Orthodontist.

Our in-house lab allows for quick, efficient, and properly constructed appliances that meet Dr. Diers' exact specifications. Because we have our own lab, appliances can be made "personally" for you. You will receive your appliance very quickly, unlike offices that send their work to an outside lab.

There is always someone available when you need help. Dr. Diers or a Clinical Staff Member will be available after-hours for emergency calls.

Dr. Diers knows the importance of smile maintenance! Our office offers bonded or glued retainers and a tooth positioner. It is so easy to give patients removable retainers and say good-bye! In our experience, results are better maintained when retainers are glued to the teeth. Additionally, Dr. Diers offers a tooth positioner to help maintain the bite after treatment is completed. Dr. Diers also performs an equilibration procedure at the end of treatment to help finalize perfection of the bite. An equilibration ensures that the bite is even, tight and functionally stable for a healthy jaw joint.
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Our Mission

To constantly improve the orthodontic experience with superior innovative service.

To positively affect our patients lives with an honest, trusting, and considerate orthodontic team.

To grow together in mind, heart, and spirit with superior management, emphasizing communication, encouragement, kindness, and patience.

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