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Due to the order signed by the Ohio state Department of Health, beginning at midnight on March 24th, 2020, our office will be closed except for emergencies until at least April 6th.

If we need to inform our patients of further closures mandated by State or Federal Governments, we will update here and via email. Patients may still call to be seen for emergencies but there are going to be guidelines in place for how patient is seen to limit exposure to patient and office staff. Please call 513-777-9040 for emergencies and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this ever evolving matter.

From the entire office, please follow the state order and be safe out there. We are all part of the solution in this matter.

Dr. Nelson R. Diers and Staff

i-CAT 3D Imaging System

Early Interceptive Treatment at Nelson R. Diers OrthodonticsThe i-CAT 3D imaging system has arrived in the Cincinnati orthodontic community! Dr. Diers has added the most modern diagnostic tool available, an i-CAT 3D Imaging Machine, right in his office for your convenience!

This 9 second scan allows for enhanced diagnostic accuracy of all structures of the face and neck area including dental structures, TMJ (temporomandibular joint), and airway analysis. Additionally, airway analysis, sinuses and bone density can be observed with a 360 degree scan formatted for any rotation or slice to achieve the best view of these structures. With these more precise views, improved outcomes can be designed and achieved without the distortions inherent in 2 dimensional x-rays.

The ability to look at all structures, from all three planes of space (i-CAT), requires less radiation exposure than a full series of mouth x-rays that your general dentist performs. i-CAT technology measures less radiation than 2 panoramic x-rays and less than 2 full series of individual tooth x-rays.

Immediately after the scan is taken, all of the x-rays generated are available for viewing. With just one 9 second scan, Dr. Diers will have a panoramic x-ray, laterals, x-rays of the TMJ and everything in between. In the past, it would have taken over an hour to achieve all of these x-rays. He will have the ability to view all structures, from any angle, in order to diagnose your case with precision. This ability to immediately observe the structures, plus electronically store, print and transmit the data is an invaluable asset to our practice and our patients. We would be pleased to demonstrate these scans for you!

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i-Cat imaging at Nelson R. Diers Orthodontics
*i-CAT imaging versus a traditional x-ray*

How the i-CAT Benefits You!
•  The i-CAT offers the highest level of predictability, resulting in better success.
•  Over ten times less radiation compared to a medical CT.
•  A quick and easy 9 second scan producing the most anatomically accurate 3-D images of the mouth, face, jaw, and airway.
•  An open-environment scan increasing your comfort level.
•  Lower patient cost than a medical CT.
•  The i-CAT is available to you in Dr. Diers office. This avoids hospital visits and multiple appointments.
•  Dr. Diers can easily share the 3-D data with your general practitioner.

Studies have shown that visual images provide 80–90% of the information that our brain receives. Therefore, it makes sense that information from our radiological workups are imperative for precise diagnosis and communication with patients.
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